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The reason for DC GEAR MOTOR overheating


DC SPUR GEAR MOTOR are mainly used in the transfer, oil pressurization, fuel injection, etc. of oil media in chemical, petroleum, mining, metallurgy, power station and other industries, as well as in the thin oil circulation of large machinery and equipment. Gear pumps can be used in all kinds of machinery and equipment. Lubricate the pump for use.

The overheating of the DC PLANETARY GEAR MOTOR is a common problem in the working process of the gear pump. The technicians of DONGMING MOTOR have the following specific analysis and test as follows:

1. Does the scope of use (flow, head) exceed the design requirements of the gear pump?

Select the right motor according to the series

2. Does the specific gravity of the medium exceed the gear pump configuration motor?

Configure the appropriate motor for gear oil pump

3. Is the packing gland pressure too tight or the mechanical seal spring too tight?

Re-adjust the amount of spring compression of the gland or mechanical seal

4. The pump assembly quality is poor, there is friction or the motor and the pump shaft are not the same?

Exclude assembly failures after checking assembly quality

The above conditions can be analyzed one by one to find out the real cause of DC WORM GEAR MOTOR overheating, and the gear oil pump is processed according to the corresponding fault and maintenance.

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